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July 25, 2017 In general, the internship went fine. In the first months, I learned new things and really improved my English. My colleagues were very nice and helpful. However, there were also quite some weeks. During that time, there were no tasks for me, which made me feel a little bored. After all, I can say that I'm grateful for the things I did learn and that I can show more international work experience on my CV. I'm not sure if I would use most things I learned in the future since it is a very specific branch with specific tasks (auctions), but I'm happy that I can say I worked for a company that helps charities with fundraising. Stage-Australia showed a lot of interest in the program and my experiences. I didn't use a lot of their support during the internship. But I know they would help me if I asked. The reason why I didn't really contact you during the quiet times is that at that time it would be hard to change it. But for next interns, it could be good to discuss, beforehand, an extra project with the Sydney and Brisbane office. 

I learned new things and really improved my English