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In the beginning it was a slow start since there weren’t many events going on but after a month the workload got better and could even get too busy at some times. Overall it was a very educational experience, I have worked at 24 events in the past 6 months, which was amazing to experience.

I was pleasantly surprised with the speed of the process. Everything was arranged in less than 2 months by Stage-Australia while I had time to say goodbye to my family and friends instead of doing all the paperwork.

I couldn’t wish for a better team in Melbourne - every one of my colleagues was very helpful, easy to work with and involved me in all activities. There was a good mixture of pleasure and work at the office. I am definitely going to miss the relax work environment that I experienced over here! After the first months I have been given a
lot of responsibilities, from pre to post event activities. This made me feel as a part of the team and showed me that the company was happy with my hard work and performance.