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I’m working as a full-time employee and being treated as one. I manage clients on my own and that obviously means they give me a lot of responsibilities. I get a lot of tasks to do which keep me off working on my actual assignment, but with an planning around it I’m managing fine so far. 

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I departed to Australia to start my internship. So far the trip includes great people, a beautiful country and especially a educational internship at a great company.

This is definitely an experience that has changed me along the way and will continue to do so. I’m keen to finish my assignment, but that sadly also means I will leave this awesome country. That's definitely not forever! 

The internship is really great! I’m learning a lot of things about the business life whilst using my knowledge from school. Australia has so much to offer next to my internship at my host company that the total picture of being here is just another life. It’s definitely not what I expected in the first place but I absolutely love it.