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Welcome Sinead!

6 juli 2016

Sinead recently joined our a team here in Amsterdam as our Placement support.We are excited to have her and decided to ask her a few questions:

So tell us, who is Sinead?

I’m 28 years old. I am creative, fun loving, outgoing person. I love photography, theatre, dance and I have a strong passion for languages and traveling. I was born in Rotherham, a small town in the north of England. I recently moved to Amsterdam after living in Italy, for three years. I now speak very well in Italian and I hope to learn Dutch. I’m an open-minded person and I enjoy new challenges, experiences and meeting new people. I spend a lot of time behind my camera, taking photos of my travels and unforgettable moments around me. I have been warmly welcomed into the stage USA team. I already feel at home and I am excited to get started.

What have you seen of the world so far and what is at the top of you bucket list?

I have seen many places in Western Europe and I have spent a lot of time in Italy. I hope to book an Intertail trip to see the rest of Europe on day. Once I have finished my European list, I would like to fly out to Asia and experience their different cultures. I have spent time in America, in New York and I will definitely be back out to see more, in the future. The country at the top of my Bucket list is Australia. I have met really interesting people from there, heard great stories from friends, who have visited the country and I would love to spend Christmas day on the beach.

What has been your most remarkable experience in the USA?

I had an unforgettable trip to New York.  I went to see the lights, of the giant Rockefeller Christmas tree, being switched on. It was an unbelievable atmosphere, beautiful lights and the biggest buildings I had ever seen, were towering above me.  The people were so friendly; there was something for everyone and when I arrived in New York, It felt like the city was made for me.