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Sandboarding in Australia

13 mei 2016

Have you ever thought about snowboarding in Australia!? Well, it isn’t the same snowboarding that you’re thinking of… This is called Sandboarding! The sand dunes are located in Lancelin, Australia which is an hour north of Perth. Lancelin is a small fishing town and also a pit stop for people who want to go visit the Pinnacles Desert. Lancelin isn’t only known for sand boarding, but is also famous for its seafood, beautiful white beaches and outdoor activities such as wind surfing, kitesurfing and just surfing. It has become a destination for surfers.

These sand dunes are the biggest ones in Western Australia with a 45-degree angle and extends to over 200 hectars. The main activity is to take a sand board and ride the dunes down. You can even find some people on dirt bikes or quads. Going to the Lancelin sand dunes one afternoon with friends can be really fun. The open space and the desert gives it more charm. If you don’t like sand boarding, you can just walk around and explore the never-ending landscape. There is no entrance fee (for once!) but if you don’t have a sand board, they are quite easy to rent – most of the time around 15$AUS for two hours.
Though there are some aspects that shouldn’t be overlooked. If you want to spend a whole day at the sand dunes, you have to be well prepared:

- Remember that these are dunes and that the more equipment you bring, the harder it will be to walk up the dunes.

- If your eyes are sensitive, bring glasses to prevent the wind blowing sand in your eyes.

- As for clothing, sand can be very annoying and uncomfortable at times. Bring comfortable and “sand friendly” clothes.

- Depending on the period of the year, bring anything to protect yourself from the sun. Remember that there will be no shade – it’s a desert.


A big concern is security. Lancelin is a famous destination and can get quite crowded. Always be careful where you go. You never know if a sand surfer or a biker will randomly come out of nowhere! And before crossing a dune on your bike, quad or board, always look on both sides of the dunes to make sure no one is going to get injured (in a stupid way).
Lancelin dunes are a very touristy place to go. Most of the tourists come to sand board down the hills (who wouldn’t want to?)  and also have a desert experience without going too far. If you want a calm and peaceful visit, the earlier you go the better. It is the perfect place whether it is to visit, spend a day with you friends and family or just take in the beauty of the “snowy” landscape. One of the most interesting aspects of this destination is, unlike other destinations, the landscape will never be the same. With the constant wind the sand moves thus reshaping the dunes all the time.
After having had fun on the dunes, you can relax and enjoy the scenery right behind where there is a beautiful beach: The Lancelin Back Beach.

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There are various tours that include sandboarding, visiting the Pinnacles Desert and wildlife! Check out this website

To get to Lancelin there unfortunately isn’t any public transportation. But you can always either hire a car or get there with the arranged tours.